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Expansion Business

Own studio of 18,000 pyeong

​Location: 257-12, Jongbu-ri, Pyeongchang-eup, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

Name: Pyeongchang Comprehensive Video Studio

​Details: 500 pyeong, 700 pyeong indoor studio, 300 pyeong XR studio

Ancillary facilities such as cafes and restaurants and accommodations for actors and staff


Branded content through partnership

Through partnerships with groups in Korea, China, and Japan, we have a variety of lines that can be supplied with products of various categories and can be promoted at the same time.

​It is possible to plan strictly selected products from verified imported brands as well as domestic brands through storytelling through celebrities.

IP sharing through strategic alliance

with webtoon

With the agreement between the Webtoon Industry Association and Kotop Media, priority is given to review and consultation of related synopsis and plans to secure IP.

IP sharing through partnership with 2 You Dream, which plans and produces original webtoon IPs of various genres such as action, academy, drama, SF romance, and fantasy

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