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Koh Daehwa

ㆍBachelor of Business Administration,

   Seoul National University

ㆍMaster of Business Administration,

   Seoul National University

ㆍCEO of KORTOP Media Co., Ltd.

ㆍStory TV representative producer

ㆍCEO of Olive Nine


ㆍSBS i General Manager

ㆍSBS USA Branch Manager


KORTOP Media Team

Bon Keun Koo


KORTOP Media Co., Ltd. Advisor

SBS Plus Drama Divison Executive Producer

SBS President special assistant

SBS Drama Center Managing Director

SBS Special Planning General Manager

SBS Drama Dept. general manager

SBS Drama Dept. Producer

MBC Drama Dept. Producer

​Jongbeom Kim

Division director

Head of Production1 Division

KORTOP Media Co., Ltd. Division director

Interactive Media Mix Production Division director

Conworks Media Production Team Leader

Cross Pictures Production Team Leader

Jong-Hak Kim & Company Executive Producer

JS Pictures Producer

Byung-Seok Jin

Division director

Head of Production2 Division

KORTOP Media Co., Ltd. Division director

YG STUDIO FLEX Production Director

Jon Sang

Head of Strategy & Planning

Strategic Planning Team

KORTOP Media Co., Ltd. Head of Strategic Planning

Access Bio Inc. Director

Ilsung Hisco Co., LTD. Director

Daewon International Co., LTD. CEO

STIC Investment Co., LTD. Principal

HSBC PRIVATE EQUITY (Asia) Ltd. Venture Investment team

Seung yeon Lee


KORTOP Media Co., Ltd. Producer

Incheon Fantasy Convention Secretary-General

GreenFish Producer

Good Day of Film company Producer/ Writer

JK Film Producer/ Writer

The Korean economy TV Producer/ Assistant Director

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