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Welcome to KORTOP Media.

Our story becomes your happiness ,

Your happiness becomes our story .

CEO's message


KORTOP Media creates 'well-made contents' through endless challenges and active exchanges.

It impresses people all over the world.


We are contributing to the growth of the domestic media content market by producing K-Contents incorporating cutting-edge video technology and supplying them on various platforms.


Adapting to the ever-changing media environment, we are creating an innovative production business structure through IP investment for drama movies, branded content production, and digital studio business.

There is.

We plan to introduce K-Contents videos that locals can enjoy by actively entering the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, which are rapidly growing in market size.

KORTOP Media is actively promoting new media growth engines based on its unique capabilities in content production.

We will grow as the best media production company in Asia.


Thank you for your love and interest.

KORTOP Media works with leading companies in each sector of the entertainment industry, focusing on drama production, which is the core of Hallyu.

We will stand proudly in a pivotal position in the entertainment industry in the 21st century as a value-added business through business linkage.


Legacy + OTT

Through efficient combination of drama and content

Diversification of sales and profit structure

Produce tentpole contents through planning that encompasses legacy media, movies, and new media

Diversified through IP original discovery and planning

Adaptation to the media market



Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc.

Preemption in the unexplored New Hallyu market

Chinese MCN channel 'Hanyu Mass' Sohu, Yoku,

Major Chinese portal services such as Tencent

Diversification of revenue through production of various contents such as dramas and broadcasting


Additional Business

Contributing to securing profitability and foundation for growth through management actor image development, etc.

Additional business using actor image through content investment and production participation

(cosmetics, character MD, etc.)

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